Do You Want To Stay Happy?

Do you want to stay happy in your life?

If the answer to the above question is yes then you must see what we have to share with you below. If you follow our footsteps then we will make you people the happiest people on the earth. Just follow us okay!

Do you have a smart phone?

If yes then do you play games on your phone? If by any means you do play games on your phone then it is time to revolutionize this model of gaming by entering the best games of 2016. Behold! Hungry Shark Evolution and Shadow Fight 2 have entered the league of assassins today. This League actually ranks all the games that are doing well and these two games have literally become one of the best internet games of all time. With more than 50 million downloads, it makes them top 10 popular games of all time in just 12 months of it starting. Imagine the kind of popularity in these games.

Hungry Shark

The first game that comes to our notice is a simple yet powerful game called hungry shark. It is a game where you play as a shark and you have to live like a shark. A shark is always hungry and ready to pound on anything that comes in their way. You must eat all the coins or gold whatever you may want to call it and then eat it. Once you collect lots of coins you will get a chance to upgrade your sharks to something bigger and stronger. Stronger sharks yield more scores and that is a way to increase your high scores in this game. We suggest you to deploy a hungry shark evolution hack apk and it will easily fetch you lots of coins for your game. With those free coins you can get the best available shark into your account. Now beat your friends easily.

Shadow Fight 2

This is a fun game that involves a lot of fighting. With battle fights becoming interesting in a game like this, you must be ready with strong weapons, better skills to defeat your enemies who can be your friends, family or other relatives. You also have a chance to battle people from anywhere in the world in the battle arena. Remember that battle arena is not going to be easy initially because there are a lot of players with maxed out armor and weapons and you will find it tough. If you want to score big in the game then you will have to use our shadow fight 2 hack apk mod, so that it will fetch you loads of coins and you will literally sky rocket in terms of performance. The game is hugely fun and you must try it out.

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Family Games 2016

Chi Family brings you reviews of the best games that are okay to be played with family. There are many games that you cannot really think about playing with your kids and wife because there is so much blood or war or drama in these games that it is not good for your kids. Family games are something that needs to be clean, simple and non bloody. Fighting battles is okay but the battle should be cute and interesting and the games we are going to discuss today are really fun, interesting and happy games that you can play with your family members at ease.

Game One: This game is called monster legends and it was developed in the year 2013. This is a very popular game that boasts of 10 million downloads in google play store. There are many other players playing the game through Facebook and many playing on apple devices. Most people play this game on their tablet or smartphone and probably just 20% play on their desktop. So this makes it almost like a 20-25 million player base assuming all these devices would have seen downloads too. In Monster Legends, a player stands on an Island where he develops element habitats and then buy a few monsters to start the game. They allow you to have more monsters as your account gains experience and levels up. With the starting monsters you can begin the process of breeding and getting hybrid monsters. As you proceed in the game you can get on to the stronger monsters and even grab a legendary although for grabbing such monsters you will need to know which two exact monsters will yield a strong monster like a legendary monster. If you do manage to hatch a legendary you have to wait a long time for the egg to hatch although there are ways to by pass the time wasted in waiting through use of any monster legends hack apk that are available on the internet. Yes that is right, these days it is very easy to implement hacks and other scripts and grab lots of stuff for free.

Game Two: Now coming down to the second game, it is called Dragon City. This game is very similar to the game above and the concepts are all same except for the fact that here we have dragons instead of monsters. Dragon City was the first game that Social Point had launched and it became really famous then in 2012. This is a very unique game concept that nobody had ever thought before. Even then we know the fact that the idea of the game has been stolen from the other strategy and role playing type games and thus here the concept is similar. You have dragons that you have to take care for like they are your role playing character. You feed the dragons and grow them up and as they level up you will unlock skills. These skills are really helpful when you go for a pvp battle and fight your friends. The only irritant will be collecting food, gold and then making sure to login regularly to hatch the newly bred eggs of dragons. To avoid all of this I think you should use a dragon city hack apk tool which will fetch you gold, food and gems for free and then you can relax and progress in the game as you like. No issues after that.

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New Game To Play With Your Family

ChiFamily welcomes a brand new game for family members to have fun and enjoy playing together. The name of the game is Dragon City which was started a few years back by Social Point. Dragon City is a very similar game to the one we discussed a few months ago called Monster Legends. Actually the difference in both the games is that here we have Dragons and there we have Monsters in the game. The rest of the concept and other things like fighting, strategies involved are all the same. If you have played Monster Legends on our recommendation and you really liked the game, let’s say you are still playing it then you will love Dragon City as well.

Dragon City is a similar strategy game that involves fighting and growing your dragons. The important concept of this game as you know is breeding. Dragon City Breeding is a really important portion of the game and if you want to achieve anything in this game, you must be good with breeding concepts. Please see this link to learn more about breeding and make sure to add the website to your favorites as you may have to refer again and again. The fun aspect of this game is to get as many Legendary and Strong dragons as possible because without those dragons you can get no where in a game like this. You will find it difficult to win wars without a single legendary dragon as your opponent must be having one and they will kill your dragon in a single shot that will most likely be a critical. A critical attack is an attack which is few times stronger than a normal attack and just a normal attack is several times stronger than what a normal dragon can deliver.

Dragon City also has a city map where you can go around and fight computer enemies. Those fights are also important as it will give you gold and food and even gems at times. There are a total of 100 levels in this round and at every fifth level you will face a computer boss that is a stronger dragon than other rounds. Every time this boss is going to become stronger and will come back. So far we are playing for a long time and not able to cross all 100 levels as some of the bosses we are facing are really strong. To beat them, I think you will need three very strong legendary dragons and only then its possible to defeat level 100 boss. Try to play this game, it is a lot of fun and is very interesting too.

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Two Games You Must Allow Your Child To Play

Today we have discovered some of the best family base games that the kids must play with their parents. Now these kinds of games really help children learn about the world and pass their time being happy and excited. Life is all about enjoying and having fun and not about being bored and destroying life which is a gift given from god.

8 Ball Pool – You know what we do anytime we feel bored? We play a game of Pool. Pool is one of the most fun games and your child should learn to play this game. A game of pool is really relaxing and enjoyable and that is the prime reason to learn to play this game. In a game of Pool, there are two players who are competing against each other. Both of them have to get their balls inside the the 8 pockets that are around the pool table. Whoever gets their balls first gets a shot at the black ball which is the final decider of who wins the game. The rule of the game is that you can only touch the black 8 ball when all your other balls are in the pocket. 8 Ball Pool is a similar game that can be played on your smart phone. We recently are playing pool on TV using sony android television. We are also using this smart 8 ball pool hack site which has promised to deliver us lots of coins so that we can join these big leagues and tournaments.

Pixel Gun 3D – The next game that we are willing to play really is pixel gun 3D. This is a 3D shooting game, based on war like stuff where you get to choose your own weapons and defeat the bad people. Zombies are bad and they are out to get humans, so its a good way to make your child learn to defeat evil and bad things by doing what is right. If you want your child to learn all that then you must install this game instantly. Let your child start learning by playing games now. Pixel Gun is a fantastic game, very fun to play and one can enjoy it playing anytime and anywhere. Try to learn how to use pixel gun 3d hack site so you can get your hands on lots of coins and weapons. It is must if you want to get anywhere in a game like this that you get lots of coins with you.


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C Family Games

Hi friends, welcome to the C Family House today. So kids today we are going to be playing some of the latest and most interesting games on our phones. So kids take out your phones and wait for the games to begin. Before we begin we would like to talk about these games so you get a heads up!

The first game that we are going to play is called Hill Climb Racing. This is a car racing or say vehicle driving game where you have a choice to take out any vehicle of your choice and go driving on any map of your choice. You can choose a jeep or a monster truck and drive them in Earth or Mars or even Moon. Such is the class of the game where in you have to play totally by your choice. In all your phones we have used a free hill climb racing hack software and unlocked all the vehicles and maps, so you are free to play anything anytime. We will all be completing our levels and then compare who went the highest distance or made highest points. Winner takes all.

The next game on our agenda is a fun endless running game called Subway Surfers. This is a surfing in the subway kind of game. You are running in a railway track where trains are parked or trains are oncoming and you have to stay safe from these trains. Now a policeman is also following you, so you stop and he will catch you. He also has a dog to bite you in the back, so stay safe. Now you all have been given unlimited coins and keys to purchase any item or use any character of your choice. So make use of this coins and keys nicely. We got you these unlimited stuff with the help of the famous 2016 free subway surfers hack software that promises instant delivery of coins and keys. At the end of the game, actually say 5 games, we will calculate all the points and coins you managed to get and the winner takes it all.

We play these kinds of tournaments every month, so kids don’t forget to sign up for the next month contest as we have some really interesting stuff lined up. Have fun kids!

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Chi Family New Games List

This summers Chi Family is hunting for new set of games and to be honest we have more or less likely found our new favorites. We were basically looking for some of those games that can be played with a family of four and they can enjoy a lot. But here we go, let me share with you guys the games that we are going to have fun playing all summer of 2016.

Pou – Pou is one of the most famous games of 2015. It is basically a virtual pet game where this pet has come from an alien world and is willing to be taken cared by you. Pou has chosen you as it’s home and caretaker and thus you must do it. To take care of Pou, you have to feed it, play with it and do various types of activities with it. You can buy a ball and take it outside to play with your pet. For each of these activities you will get coins and these coins can be used to buy other products that can further enhance your game. We are also trying to learn the trick of using pou hack apk that will help us gain unlimited coins and stuff and with that we can proceed in the game fast.

Clash of Clans is yet another game that has been added to our wish list. We are so much in love with this game that we are interested in playing this game with our family this summer. Now you see, we have nicely picked one strategy game along side safe pet game. A war strategy game is one which can be played any day any time with any one. It is the best android strategy game, the clash of clans. We have also learned that to win in this game, it is important to learn how to get free clash of clans gems. You really need to understand that getting gems in this game is no wrong thing to do. We heard that almost all the top players are having unlimited gems and they are totally killing it in the game.

There were many choices to deal with but we finally decided to go for these two games. Our family has also decided that we will choose two more games in a couple of weeks and that will help us last for full summer. We hope you too decide to join us in these games.

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Family Values and Love Prosperity

Do you know how important is a family? Loving a family is important as well. Giving time to your family, listening to your family members, giving them advice and helping them when required are few very important parts of a family life. If you don’t give time to your family, the family starts to give up on you. But today we are going to share something more interesting. What are the things that are important in life apart from family?


Whether you are married or have a boy friend, giving time is very important. A boyfriend will not love you always if you don’t give him time and attention. Keeping a husband or a boyfriend out of the loop can cost your love dearly. So give them time, listen to them and take care of them. Men too need attention and love and affection. Men too can be emotional just not as much openly as a woman.

Some of the best and most interesting ways to show affection to your love partner is by saying nice things to him from time to time. For example, saying some of the best love quotes for him from the heart can mean a lot to him. See the important fact here, you are saying something lovely not for sake of it but actually from the bottom of your heart. This means that you really do care for him and you really love him a lot. The guy will appreciate you taking the time and effort to please him by saying things right from the heart and not from the mouth. It does not matter if you find these quotes online or from a book, the fact is you put hard work in finding the exact quote that will come out truthfully and honestly and as long as you mean it, it works.

Now let us look at another aspect of Love. Why does Love need time and attention?

To answer this question, we need to understand what love is. Two people getting attracted to each other and then sleep with each other is not love. That is attraction and hormones getting the better of the two people. When two people fall in love, they actually start to care about each other and want to involve more in one another’s life. It does not mean one has to intrude and take away all privacy, but just basic involvement. Two people in love wants to share everything to each other, care for them and treat each other as one person rather two. They enjoy their time together, talking to each other and also make love to each other passionately. Now suddenly there is no time to meet, talk or even make love, so what does love do? Love is all about spending time together and that time is not there. No attention, no Time. How will love survive? Just like a human cannot survive without food and water, love cannot survive without time and attention?

Think about it! Comment below and we will reply each and every one of you soon.

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Games You Can Compete With Your Child

People love competition and that is why most of the games we play are linked to some social group like Facebook or Google Plus and that is a medium to compete and compare with friends on who has a better score or points etc. Competition in any field helps a person going. When your friends are racing ahead of you, you want to give the game more time and try to race ahead of your friends. As long as the game is interesting and fun, there will be competition and once game is boring, competition will die off. We used to play Travian a few years back and we used to compete like crazy. The competition was so intense like our life depended on it. Now let us look at a few games you can compete with your child and make things interesting for him.

Clash of Clans is one of our all time favourite game and we always have it in our phone. We play this game each and every day, but mostly to get those free gems as daily bonuses but nevertheless we have not uninstalled the game in a few years, so it means we are still interested in it. Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy war based games made for mobile users. It is a free to play game and really fun. In this game we are able to play the part of a leader, where we lead our army base, make troops, send them on war and also do other fun things like raiding for resources. Resources and gold is what makes you steer ahead in the game.

Boom Beach is another game that we are big fan of. We are playing boom beach ever since it started last year. Boom Beach is a much better version of Clash Clans and more fun too. Boom Beach actually is a similar strategy game but much more interesting if you see it from a perspective. In this game, the troops don’t die after a battle gets over. Whichever troop lives, makes a come back but then the concept of raiding is not really alive here. You cannot loot away resources so easily anymore. To loot resources you will have to destroy the whole base or else you get nothing. Unless you destroy the enemy main building, you get nothing.

Monster Legends is another interesting game which gets added to our compete with your child list. In this strategy game, you are in an Island where you nurture monsters and grow them bigger and better, give them skills and make them fight for you. These monsters are one step ahead and they learn from various activities also. The basic idea of this game is to fight wars and race ahead in the game. There are 100 levels of enemy monsters that are to be defeated in order for one to win the game. After crossing every 5 levels, there is a big monster to be defeated, they call it a boss. The only logical way to defeat these boss monsters is to have legendary monsters or rare monster combinations. It is possible to get these monsters only by breeding. You can refer to any monster legend breeding guide as a reference and then try breeding to see if it works.

Many more fun games can be played with your child, just make sure it is fun and interesting and there is something to compete for. No child wants to compete in a boring and stupid game.

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3 Xbox One Games To Gift To Your Child This New Year

Hello parents, If you are searching for the best gift for your child this Christmas, then look no more because today we are going to reveal three great video games for Xbox One that you can buy. These games come from the top game franchises, so there is no question of anything going wrong this Christmas. Your kid is going to love you forever if you gift him these games, provided your child likes playing games. My child loves gaming and thus last year when I gifted him the top games of these franchises, he went absolutely crazy. The way I understand these game addicts, there is no better gift than the top rated games of a particular year for them. See our list of cheap games for your Xbox One gaming console you can purchase:

Call Of Duty: COD is a leading single player shooter game franchise that has sold millions of copies so far. It is one of the highest selling game franchise owned and developed by Activision. There are already more than 10 different games that have been developed so far and almost one new game is coming every year. These people are developing the games at a rapid speed, and thus for several years we prefer buying this same franchise’s latest game for our child. Call of Duty plays best on Xbox than on any other gaming console, so pick up the Xbox One version for best game play experience.

FIFA – Fifa is one of the leading game franchise in the Sports niche developed by EA Sports. Electronic Arts is a very popular game development company and runs several different game franchises today. One of our favourite franchise from them is Sims. We fell in love with that game when we played Sims 1. We still like the first game the most. Fifa is a leading football game franchise and recently the 16th version of the game has been launched. Men are usually crazy for this game franchise but this time women are also going to go mad because for the first time FIFA has been launched with women players.

Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy has been one of the most successful Role Playing Games of all time. We call these type of games an RPG, and if the game can be played multiplayer then MMORPG. In Final Fantasy you get to choose a character and then usually you go through their story for the rest of the game. If you have played Diablo before, you would know what I am talking about. The story revolves around your character and you have to continue beating the objectives to further unlock the game and the story.

Xbox One Live Multiplayer Gaming Memberships– Using your Xbox One gaming console, you can also play all these games LIVE, multiplayer with players from across the world. Yes, you heard it right. Your child is going to be amazed with the fact that now you can play these top class games live for absolutely free. If you purchase the above three games at a local store for Xbox One, then your store owner is entitled to provide you with a 12 month free xbox live gold membership as enabled by Microsoft. Don’t forget to ask your shop owner for these codes, these games are much more enjoyable live than single player. And why to leave out something that is entertaining and totally free of cost. However if you don’t have xbox one, you may miss out the opportunity of having your child play these games live.

Your kid is going to absolutely love these games. Make sure you purchase the most latest version of the game franchises and not an old one. Please research a bit and then go ahead with the purchase.

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Black Friday Shopping

Each year, black Friday comes as a boon for the shopping lovers. This year when black Friday comes, what exactly are you going to buy? If you haven’t given this a thought yet, then you continue to read our post as we are about to reveal the best of the things that will be available at a big discount for you to purchase this season.

Television: Don’t forget to buy yourself a 48 inches LED TV this season, our sources have confirmed that TVs are going to have a huge discount this year. We are looking at 50+ inches to become popular from next year and thus we expect a massive SALE of 48 inches TV or below.

Desktop Computers: If you ever wanted to buy a desktop computer at a significant bargain, now is your time. Market expects a rapid surge towards Small portable boxes or All in One desktops. Lesser people will opt for tower desktops in the future and so this season they are going to come at a big discount.

PlayStation: Lately we have heard rumors that Sony is not doing very well with their play station sales, and thus is planning a big comeback with PS 4. They are planning to entice a lot of buyers this season by giving away their latest console at throwaway prices. We are expecting to get our hands on free psn codes, yes totally free of cost.

Old Games: We are also told that this year a lot of old games, the most popular ones are coming to be offered at 50% plus discounts. If you ever wanted to get your hands on these games but could not afford, buy them now.

Smartphones: We are also hearing about a big smartphone sale will be up this season. A few brand names have already confirmed that they are going to slash prices to prop up the demand of their phones. The reason cited was heavy competition that needs to be killed.

Kitchen: Don’t forget to shop for your kitchen because this year we see whole lot of kitchen items up for sale at prices you cannot imagine. If you actually cook in your kitchen, you will love this year’s sale.

Furniture: Like every year, even this season we expect old furniture to go at up to 75% discount. Can you believe it? 75% discount will feel like it is almost free. If you are looking to re model your house, you will find this sale quite helpful.

Other electronic items: There are some other electronic items that almost always are up for sale, like your electric shavers, trimmers, or other accessories or products. Nothing special about their discount, but they would also keep you interested with 30-70% discount tags.

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Stress Free Ride To Shopping Malls

It is a widely known fact that shopping can at times be very stressful. What can a girl do if there is a SALE going on in almost every other shop. During certain times we get all big brands offering 50% flat sale offers and how does a girl not shop at that time? Most of the time a girl is out of money than with her list of items to purchase. It requires really careful planning to purchase the items in a confined budget and that is extremely stressful. While having stress of going for shopping, they also have to drive around the town in heavy traffic and that adds to the stress and pressure levels that will soon start showing on their behavior.

Our Suggestions For Stress Free Shopping

For any girl going out shopping during a SALE month, we do not advice you to take your own car or a bike. A bike has too little space to keep all your bags, so taking a two wheeler is out of question. If you take your own car, it is not going to be an easy drive. First you have to take out your car our of parking, that itself is a big problem and then driving in heavy traffic, the tension of other woman taking away the best of the items before you reach will only make things worse.

We request you to call your friends to your place and hire a car and go shopping. Limo NJ is the best free service you can ever find on the internet. Say goodbye to calling multiple Limo services and asking for quotes, with free limo service now available, all you have to do is to request for quotes and it will automatically get you quotes on your smart phone within minutes. This will save you the trouble of visiting multiple car hiring services websites or speaking on the phone and getting irritated. In 2015, you do not go to so much trouble, all you do is write down your address and destination and the companies will automatically contact you. How cool is that?

With a car service driving you around the city, you can relax at the backseat and instead of having stress of driving, you can better be making a list of all the items you wish to buy and planning your budget. Say hello to stress free shopping.

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